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The Usual Suspects The Usual Suspects [ 1995 ] [ Hits:18908 ]
Production: PolyGram
Plot: Five career criminals are arrested on suspicion after a truck is hijacked in New York, leaving the Feds with no leads. While inside, one of the suspects reveals a tip-off involving the illegal (and supposedly disbanded) New York's finest taxi service - but they need all those p...

Brooklyn's Finest Brooklyn's Finest [ 2009 ] [ Hits:17018 ]
Production: Millennium Films
Plot: Follows a few days in the life of three different New York City cops - Sal, a hard-up DEA-type agent looking to take a cut of any drug money he finds; Tango who is deep undercover in the city drug wars and wants to get out - with a promotion; and Dugan, a washed-up old beat cop w...

Last Man Standing Last Man Standing [ 1996 ] [ Hits:16777 ]
Production: New Line Cinema
Plot: John Smith (Bruce Willis) is a loner without a conscience who enters Jericho, a backwater Texan town 50 miles from the border, and immediately gets into trouble after a careless glance towards a local gang leader's girl (Felina - Karina Lombard). With two gangs in town, the ...

The Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight Rises [ 2012 ] [ Hits:24664 ]
Production: Warner Bros.
Plot: The much awaited ending to an epic Batman series by Nolan. From how the Batman comes into being in 'Batman Begins' and how he rises before he falls to become 'The Dark Knight' to finally end it all in this plot.Following 8 years of self imposed exile, the Dark Knight returns to a...

Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes [ 2009 ] [ Hits:25003 ]
Production: Warner Bros Pictures
Plot: Holmes (Downey Jnr) and Watson (Law) have finally caught their man - an illusionist obsessed with the dark arts and ritualistically murdering young women across London, Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong). Requested to be present at his hanging, Watson declares him to be dead -- but whe...

U.S. Marshals U.S. Marshals [ 1998 ] [ Hits:23004 ]
Production: Warner Bros.
Plot: Tommy Lee Jones as Samuel Gerard and his team of US Marshals are back on the case of an escaped, dangerous convict. This time, Gerard is travelling on a con-air flight when it crashes and one prisoner, Mark Sheridan (Wesley Snipes) helps him pull bodies from the water - before es...

State of Play State of Play [ 2009 ] [ Hits:16726 ]
Production: Andell Entertainment
Plot: Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe) is an investigative journalist for the Globe on the case of two recent murders which leads to higher political powers and corporate wrongdoings. Congressman Stephen Collins is a rising politician overhearing a case involving a National Defence contrac...

Swordfish Swordfish [ 2001 ] [ Hits:16130 ]
Production: SIlver Pictures
Plot: A dormant company operation (codenamed 'Swordfish') that acted as a front for the DEA has been gaining interest on millions of dollars for 15 years. Gabriel Shear (Travolta) is a black-ops agent who wants to lay claim to the money to finance his war on terrorism, but to steal it ...