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Immortals Immortals [ 2011 ] [ Hits:22103 ]
Production: Relativity Media
Plot: "The Ruthless King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) leads his bloodthirsty army on a murderous rampage across Greece to find a deadly weapon that will destroy humanity. A mortal chosen by Zeus named Theseus (Henry Cavill) must lead the fight against Hyperion and his evil army with the fa...

Man on a Ledge Man on a Ledge [ 2012 ] [ Hits:17261 ]
Production: Summit Entertainment
Plot: "An NYPD hostage negotiator (Elizabeth Banks) attempts to talk cop-turned-fugitive Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) down from a high ledge, but she learns that he may have a hidden motive for threatening to take his own life. A pricelss diamond has been stolen, and the thieves resp...

X-Men: First Class X-Men: First Class [ 2011 ] [ Hits:16060 ]
Production: 20th Century Fox
Plot: "Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were arch enemies they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new) to stop...

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Rise of the Planet of the Apes [ 2011 ] [ Hits:19113 ]
Production: 20th Century Fox
Plot: A breakthrough-drug that helps brain cells to regenerate and could be the cure for Alzheimers is tested on chimps, but has an added side-effect of increased intelligence. Caesar was born to a lab-tested mother, and is adopted by scientist Will (James Franco) to save him from term...

Solomon Kane Solomon Kane [ 2009 ] [ Hits:24832 ]
Production: Davis-Films
Plot: Solomon Kane (James Purefoy, a poor man's Hugh Jackman) has lost his soul to the Devil in response to his years of murder on earth.  Set in the Medieval years following the Black Death, he has renounced violence in an effort to save his soul, but when a family that show him ...

Highlander: The Source Highlander: The Source [ 2007 ]
Original title: Highlander V [ Hits:16768 ]
Production: HandMade Films
Plot: In a world going to pot Duncan MacLeod and the last few remaining Immortals think back about happier times, and come up with a plan to hit the books and find out about The First Immortal and the legend of 'The Source'.  As they start their quest they quickly find out that 'T...

Avengers Assemble Avengers Assemble [ 2012 ]
Original title: The Avengers [ Hits:24408 ]
Production: Marvel
Plot: Nick Fury from S.H.I.E.L.D. needs to recruit a team of Superheroes to help defend the Earth against the sinister demi-god Loki and his army of power-hungry aliens called The Chitauri. Can Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow and more put aside their di...

Warrior Warrior [ 2011 ] [ Hits:22910 ]
Production: Lionsgate
Plot: "An inspirational and exhilarating roller-coaster of a film. Warrior centres around Tommy (Hardy), an ex-marine haunted by a tragic past, who enlists the help of his estranged father (Nick Nolte) to train up for the fight of his life. A former wrestling prodigy, Tommy blazes a pa...

Passenger 57 Passenger 57 [ 1992 ] [ Hits:16700 ]
Production: Warner Bros.
Plot: A convicted felon is being transported on a passenger airline jet, yet soon manages to seize control of the plan with the help of his terrorist buddies ... and Liz Hurley. Unluckily, they've found themselves on the same plane as one John Cutter (Wesley Snipes) - an airline anti-t...

Legion Legion [ 2009 ] [ Hits:16456 ]
Production: Lionsgate
Plot: The Armies of Heaven have amassed to reign down an apocalypse on mankind. A group of survivors hold out in a diner in the badlands, and hold the key to survival in the form of an unborn baby. Their only hope is in the form of the arch-Angel Michael who has taken their side in the...

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