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Secret in Their Eyes Secret in Their Eyes [ 2015 ] [ Hits:10419 ]
Production: IM Global
Plot: Ray Kasten (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Jessica Cobb (Julia Roberts) are homicide detectives, but their lives are torn apart on one case when the victim is Cobb's daughter. They find evidence that points towards a young man, Marzin, but find themselves up against the dirty tactics of t...

The Last Stand The Last Stand [ 2013 ] [ Hits:16123 ]
Production: Lionsgate
Plot: Gabriel Cortez is being transferred to Death Row, when his entourage break him out of FBI custody. Driving a modified Corvette at 200mph, and with a kidnapped FBI for protection, he races towards the Mexican border, and the sleepy town of Sommerton ... where Sheriff Ray Owens (Sc...

The Score The Score [ 2001 ] [ Hits:15798 ]
Production: Paramount Pictures
Plot: Nick Wells is a successful cat-burglar who is enticed out of retirement for one last job to help his old friend, and secure a final payday to help secure the future for his Montreal Jazz club. Yet to pull off this new heist, he needs to break some of the rules he has sworn by ove...

Austin Powers in Goldmember Austin Powers in Goldmember [ 2002 ] [ Hits:14810 ]
Production: New Line Cinema
Plot: Austin learns that his father, Nigel Powers, has been kidnapped by a new super-villain called Goldmember, and taken back in time.  Austin travels back to 1975 and teams up with old flame Foxxy Cleopatra to defeat Dr. Evil, Mini Me and Goldmember one final time....

Trance Trance [ 2013 ] [ Hits:14578 ]
Production: Pathe
Plot: A fine art auctioneer is the inside-man on an art heist for a $27million Goya painting. However when he double-crosses his partner, and is struck on the head, he suffers from amnesia and has forgotten where he has hid the painting. His old partner and his criminal gang resort to ...

The Double The Double [ 2011 ] [ Hits:17767 ]
Production: Hyde Park Entertainment
Plot: Paul Shepherdson is a retired CIA operative who wrote the book on Soviet Assassins, specialising in the elusive killer known as Cassius 7. Ben Geary is a young FBI agent who has apparently read the book on Soviet Assassins, and now wants a piece of the action to take down the bad...

Runner Runner Runner Runner [ 2013 ] [ Hits:22814 ]
Production: 20th Century Fox
Plot: "When Princeton grad student Richie Furst (Timberlake) believes he's been swindled by an online poker site, he heads to Costa Rica to confront gambling tycoon Ivan Block (Affleck), the man he thinks is responsible. But Richie will soon face the ultimate power play as he finds him...

Alex Cross Alex Cross [ 2012 ] [ Hits:19980 ]
Production: James Patterson Entertainment
Plot: Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) is on the trail of an assassin who is targeting rich businessmen and women in Detroit. When he gets lucky and stops one of the hits, Picasso (Matthew Fox) turns his attentions to Cross and his team....