Category Action , Adventure , Thriller , Oldies/Classics
Year: 1975
Time: 124 minutes
Production: Universal Pictures
Director: Steven Spielberg
Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw, Lorraine Gary
Our Rating 8/10
Watchability 8/10

When a Great White Shark terrorizes the good citizens of Amity Island, it's up to the Sheriff, a university boffin and an old sea-dog to save the tourist trade and kill the monster ... before another crew pick up the bounty!

So, how does it end?

When her son is killed by the shark, the boy's mother puts out a bounty on Jaws, causing treasure hunters to flock to the island.

Brody tracks down an old fisherman called Quint, who has killed sharks before, and promises to rid them of Jaws -- for a hefty fee of ten thousand dollars.

Soon enough another crew capture a large tiger shark, but Hooper (from an Oceanographic Institute) pops their bubble that it's not Jaws.

When the boy's mother blames Brody in front of everyone for keeping the beaches open, he is determined to put an end to it all. Even though he has a fear of the water, that night he goes out in a boat with Hooper to hunt for clues - and they find another body.

A little later it'a Independence Day weekend, and the beachgoers venture into the water again ... but Jaws is waiting and attacks the boat of Brody's son. Michael, and chomps on somebody else.  The Mayor has finally seen the light, and unleashes Brody and Hooper who hire Quint to kill the Great White.

They go to see in his rickety old boat, the Orca, using buckets of chum to entice the Great White to the boat. Jaws shows up, and Hooper sticks him with a tracking device. That night the men bond over a few drinks, and we hear Quint's backstory about his Navy days. Jaws isn't a fan, and somehow manages to sabotage the boat.

Next day the men try to sail the boat to land, but the engines are flooded. Jaws is back for more, and the boat starts to sink.  Hooper gets into the shark cage, hoping to stab him with a poison dart, but Jaws is too tough and Hooper does well to get out alive.

The others believe Hooper has been eaten, but don't have time to dwell on it as Jaws soon manages to jump onto the back of the boat ... and swallows Quint. Brody hides in the cabin, but Jaws smashes his way in. The Sheriff fends him off with Scuba diving tanks, and lodges one in the shark's mouth.

Brody has had enough. He grabs a rifle and climbs to the top of the crow's nest. When Jaws comes back for more, he takes aim and shoots a round into the air tank which explodes, sending Sushi raining down all around him.

Hooper resurfaces, and together they make a life raft and paddle back to the shoreline.


The shooting star scene when Brody is out at sea is apparently genuine. and not down to 1970's style CGI.  Judging by the quality of FX around the shark, this shouldn't have ever been in any doubt!

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