Category Drama , Crime/Spy
Year: 2013
Time: 101 minutes
Production: Pathe
Director: Danny Boyle
James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel, Danny Sapani
MPAA R / UK-15
Our Rating 4/10
Watchability 3/10

A fine art auctioneer is the inside-man on an art heist for a $27million Goya painting. However when he double-crosses his partner, and is struck on the head, he suffers from amnesia and has forgotten where he has hid the painting. His old partner and his criminal gang resort to the work of a Hypnotist to unlock Simon's subconscious and recover their payday.

So, how does it end?

Finally Elizabeth makes a breakthrough and Simon recalls the heist. He walks them through what happened, and says he was hit by a car - and Elizabeth was the driver. He also remembers an MRI session, and it seems he is obsessed with Elizabeth.

Franck confronts Elizabeth, and they end up sleeping together. Nate, his buddy, sees them and tells Simon, for some reason that doesn't make sense.

Simon next confronts Elizabeth, who gets undressed for him - and then puts him in a trance.  Simon and the gang later prepare to run through the heist again, but Simon panics and shoots the crew with Elizabeth's help - and tells Elizabeth where he hid the painting.  He wakes up, and realises he was under hypnosis.

As she tries to get away, Franck's crew stop her. She slips something to Simon as Franck takes him away - some bullets. Simon spits them out and first beats up Franck, then finds the gun and shoots Franck's gang before they can rape Elizabeth.

They take Franck to a car and drive to a parking garage where they swap to a red car, then drive to an abandoned warehouse. Franck is tied to the steering wheel as Elizabeth tells him the backstory.  So it turns out Simon had a gambling addiction, and came to Elizabeth for help. They soon started a relationship, but he was violent so she tried to leave him. Simon became obsessed with her, the police wouldn't help, and she had no choice but to use her skills to turn him away from her and make him forget.

Simon, when hit by the red car as he escaped, thought the driver was Elizabeth. In a psychotic break, he killed her and hid the woman in the trunk with the painting. He takes out the painting, and sets the car on fire. Elizabeth escapes, finds a truck, and rams Simon and the car (with Franck inside) into a handy nearby canal.

Later, Franck is recovering and is sent an iPad in the mail. He opens it to find a video of Elizabeth in some far off location, admiring the painting she has kept. She owns up to planting the idea to steal it into Simon's head, and that Franck will never catch her - but that if he wants, he just needs to tap an icon and he'll forget it ever happened. He is undecided as it ends.

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