The Darkest Hour
Category Sci-Fi , Horror
Year: 2011
Time: 89 minutes
Production: Summit Entertainment
Director: Chris Gorak
Emile Hirsch, Max Minghella, Olivia Thirlby, Rachael Taylor, Joel Kinnaman
MPAA PG-13 / UK12A
Our Rating 5/10 - Very ... average
Watchability 5/10

Best friends and business-partners Sean and Ben head to Moscow to seek funding for their new globe trotter app, but without a signed NDA, a sneaky Swedish guy called Skyler steals their idea and presents it to the VC's himself.  Broke, and bored, Sean and Ben hit the bars where they pick up two online friends, Natalie and Anne ... but their night is about to get even worse when invisible aliens decide to invade earth.

So, how does it end?

After being holed up in a kitchen for several days, the 4 friends, and Skyler, venture outside. They make it to the American embassy, but it has already fallen. They find a radio that gives them hope about a submarine leaving in a few days. Skyler is the first to crack and picks up a rifle and takes to the streets. He doesn't last long.

The boys see a light on in the distance and head to a tower block, where they are rescued by a young Russian girl and an Electrician who has built a Faraday Cage around his apartment.  Although they've both been surviving very well on their own, the four friends soon attract interest from the aliens, who get inside the apartment when they leave the door open, and kill the Electrician and Anne.

The friends, and the Russian girl, are on the move, and rescued soon by a group of armed Russian vigilantes. The vigilantes take them to the metro, but Ben is the next one to be picked up and zapped by the aliens. They manage to get into a boat and sail downriver.

A little later, they have reached their destination, and can see the submarine. They can also see pillars of light where the aliens are harvesting natural minerals - and buildings are collapsing all around the city. One falling building hits the boat, and they must all swim to safety. The reach the sub - but Natalie is missing. Sean begs the Captain to wait, and with his vigilante crew, and more batteries for his microwave gun, he searches for his friend.

Natalie has, for some reason, walked a fair distance inland and is hiding out in a bus depot. The good guys try their new device on some enemy foot soldiers, and it works. They rescue Natalie and make it back to the sub. The vigilante crew are happy with their new toy and head back out.

Sean, Natalie and the Russian girl relax on board, and Natalie even has a text from her mum saying that she is safe on the NY sub.

Sean joins the Captain, and looks over the war plans to aid the resistance now he has stumbled into some power, Terminator 3 style.

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